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HONG KONG SHORT FILM: NEW ACTION EXPRESS” (NAE) is a scheme launched by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and sponsored by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It aims to promote excellent Hong Kong short films and animations locally and abroad by sponsoring successful applicants to participate in international film festivals or competitions, with subsidies to cover their costs of a round trip air-ticket, hotel accommodation and festival/competition event pass with an expenditure ceiling of HK$50,000*, and organising various activities.
*Applicants should comply with the terms and conditions set out under “On Applicant”

Apply for NAE before June 30, 2018
>>> For further details, please visit: www.naehk.com

Eleven award-winning local titles were sponsored by the NAE, which is sponsored by CreateHK, to participate in the 2018 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and Market in France. Directors were also subsidized under the NAE to attend the Festival and screenings with overwhelming response. Four of these titles, which are all inspired by local social issues, are now brought back to our local platform at Comix Home Base in Wan Chai for a free screening. The event will be joined by the directors of these featured short films who will meet the audience after the screening.
15/6 (Fri) | 7:30pm | 54’ | Public Open Space, G/F, Comix Home Base | with post-screening discussion

Free Admission, First-come-first-served
Click here to register

Oh! Million Fist!
Director: Hugh Cho
Hong Kong|2017|Colour|7’
No dialogue and subtitles

  • Commissioned Dance Short, Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival 2017, Hong Kong

Dance and martial arts share the same origin. Having practised martial arts for years, dancer Hugh Cho collaborates with fight director Master Yuen Fai to develop a choreography based on fight scenarios, merging dance with action movie and its shooting technique to create a new kind of screendance.

“The Clermont Ferrand's Short Film Festival was an adventure for me, a totally new world experience as a contemporary dance choreographer, which enriched me as an artist, gave me inspiration to create not just in film, but also in my dance work.”
—Hugh Cho, Director of Oh! Million Fist!

Call Me Mrs Chan
Director: Chan Hau-chun, Chui Chi-yin
Hong Kong | 2017 | Colour | 15’53”
In Hokkien with Chinese and English subtitles

  • First runner-up (Shorts), Chinese Documentary Festival 2017, Hong Kong
  • Special Mention (Open Category), 23rd ifva Awards, Hong Kong

Cleaner Mrs Chan works in a public housing estate to clear the garbage, 365 days a year except on the first day of the Chinese New Year. For the past ten years, her quiet dedication cleaning the building has brought her no respect, only back pain. She said people despised her job, but she carried on with it.

“We’ve heard of the Clermont Short Film Festival, but it was the first time that we attend it. We have learnt a lot from this trip. By watching various screenings every day, we recognize the limitation of our imagination and vision. These high-quality international short films not only bring us the visual impact, but also the soul punch.”
—Chan Hau-chun, Chui Chi-yin, Directors of Call Me Mrs Chan

I Am Not Pretty
Director: Keung Yin-ni, Sin Man-ting
Hong Kong | 2017 | Colour | 6’
No dialogue and subtitles

  • Jury Choice, 4th Animation Support Program*, Hong Kong
  • Next Generation Award, 19th Digicon6 ASIA Awards (Hong Kong), Hong Kong

Della always puts on heavy make-up, anecdotes happen because of it. Because of our society’s tendency to judge a book by its cover, Della believes appearance means everything, heavy make-up is beautiful.

“Thanks to the NAE trip, I can explore more about the international film industry. I can find inspiration from different directors. Nowadays, even though we can watch almost everything on the internet; it’s still very important for us to sit down at the cinema and concentrate on the films and share the emotion with the audience.”
—Keung Yin-ni, Sin Man-ting, Directors of I Am Not Pretty

Lost Cemeteries
Director: Ho Ying-Kuen
Hong Kong|2017|B&W/Colour|25’
In Cantonese with Chinese and English Subtitles

  • Best Script (Student Division), 11th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival, Hong Kong
  • New Frontier Award, South Taiwan Film Festival 2017, Taiwan
  • Outstanding Selection, 2017 Kaohsiung Film Festival International Short Film Competition

Tung and Yan, brothers from a single-parent family, solely rely on their mother who operates a store selling incenses in a wet market for living. After a year since their mother has passed away, the government now implements a plan to demolish the public estates for redevelopment.

“This is my first cross-field work to combine different forms of art: documentary, theatrical play and fiction. In Lost Cemeteries I tried to explore the issues of life and death, truth and falsity, filial piety and conflicts between individual and society. At the festival, I was sitting beside groups of short film lovers and groups of creative artists, I can explore what the artists and audience expect, what the European market needs, and the popularity and trends of short films.”
—Ho Ying-Kuen, Director of Lost Cemeteries

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