Setouchi Triennale 2016–Fukutake House Asia Art Platform – In Search of Balance

Hong Kong Art-in-Motion

Jockey Club ifva Everywhere Carnival

The 22nd ifva Award is calling for entry now!

Art Touring in the City @ Airport Flying Fantasy

Art Touring in the City @ Ding! Ding! Comix Tram

French Animation Film Festival Series: Spirou & Fantasio

Trick Factory – German Animation Films Series: Animated Avant-garde - The Artistic Animated Films in Germany in the 20s and 30s

Hong Kong Art School Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Applied and Media Arts Annual Exhibition of Students’ Works 2016 (25.8 – 11.9.2016)

Hong Kong Art School Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) programme seminar (7/9) & Master of Fine Art porgramme seminar (10/9)

Decoding Curatorship—
Hong Kong Art School Lecture Series on Buddhist Perspectives and Contemporary Curating

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