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[IMG]蕭勤 中國新希望-20 布上壓克力 Hsiao Chin Rebirth of China- 20 Acrylic on canvas 160 cm x 130 cm 1990.jpg24-Aug-2017 13:27 80K 
[IMG]蕭勤 省思之旅 布上壓克力 Hsiao Chin A Journey of Self-Reflection Acrylic on canvas 90cm x 110cm1995.jpg24-Aug-2017 13:27 83K 
[IMG]蕭勤 迴旋 布上壓克力 Hsaio Chin Il Tornare Acrylic on canvas 90 x 110 cm 1962.jpg24-Aug-2017 13:27 67K 
[IMG]Book cover_Hsiao Chin A Histoical Dialouge with Art I.jpg18-Aug-2017 20:58 53K 
[IMG]Image01.jpg12-Sep-2017 20:32 5.6M 
[IMG]Image02.jpg12-Sep-2017 20:32 6.6M 
[IMG]Image03.jpg12-Sep-2017 20:30 13M 
[IMG]Image04.jpg12-Sep-2017 20:31 19M 
[IMG]Image05.jpg12-Sep-2017 20:29 8.2M 
[IMG]hsiao chin portrait.jpg18-Aug-2017 20:58 36K 

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